Chi-Collagen Acitvation Turbo Booster to Enhance YOUTH


The technology of Cellebration is designed to do one thing, really, really well, MAKE YOUR SKIN HAVE THE MOST POWERFUL RADIANT GLOW POSSIBLE!  


This is done by combining very unique ingredients, that have never been combined in this way ever before, and then programing them, with a new revolutionary technology to push your skin's health to the MAX REJUVINATION! 


We are combining all the key ingredients to make your skin very soft and supple.  


We are using algae, seaweed, mushrooms, Vitamin C, and Minerals with our collagen enhancing frequencies to deliver a totally new revolutionary product! You will want to add this on top of using YOUTH CRYSTALS already. You can think of this as a skin beautifying turbo booster! 


Cellular Rejuvenation Chi 


Cellebration is providing Gu Chi: Food Chi (there are different types of Chi in a body in Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM) in a bottle, because our ingredients are so primal. In this way Cellebration helps to maintain Primal Chi from depleting.  This Primal Chi is the Chi that we are born with and when we use it all up, we expire. The ingredients that have been chosen will help maintain Primal Chi or Original Chi without it being used up.  


We have here Cellular Level Chi empowerment. 


Our ingredients also help to unblock Chi stagnation. Chi which is unflowing and stuck is the cause of pain and this stagnation also reduces collagen production in the body. Lacking proper nutrition and sustenance, the body would be helped by the ingredients in Cellebration and Chi would become unstuck and flowing again with the cell now being able to operate correctly.  


Warning, this is a very bitter drink! 

Bitters are very good for detoxing. You can add this to a sweet drink of some kind, for example, juice or a smoothie, in order to reduce the bitter taste. That is because it is extremely powerful! Bitters are used for Chi Activation. In TCM, bitters are extremely popular. You can mix CELLEBRATION with any of the other products, such as YOUTH, ENERGY, or BRAIN. Also, if you add it to hot water, the results of the product are much more powerful!


Sorry for the taste, but as the old saying goes, "Beauty knows no pain!" or in our case, "Beauty knows no bad taste!" ENJOY!


This is a test project. We only have 150 jars available now, since this is our first production on this new product.  


Retail $140.00 



Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid): 



AHCC: Mushrooms, which are good for skin health. 

Andrographis Paniculata Leaf Exract: Herb, which is good for skin health. 

D-Mannose: Simple sugar, which is good for skin health.  

Fuccoidan: Brown seaweed, which is good for skin health. 

Red Algae: Good for skin health. 

Fulvic Acid: A combination of nano-sized ionic 65 bio-available rare earth minerals and trace minerals which are very good for skin health. 

Ancient Sea Salt: Electrolytes for healthy skin hydration. 


Suggested Serving Size: 1/8th of a tsp (1/4th of a scoop) ( .25 of a gram) 

Servings Per Container: 120