Before you join, please add to your email list as a friend, etc... Since we are a MLM Netowrk Marketing Company, some email filter systems will filter your Welcome to CELLUVATION! email and put in into your SPAM folder. If after you join, you do not see your Welcome email, please search your SPAM folder, Thanks!

During the Enrollment Processes, you will go through several screens.
Click Join (Sign-Up Wholesale) from the home page or the person that referred you.


6 Easy Steps to Join!

Step 1. Sign-Up Page:
Join/Signup (New User)
Fill-out basic info, only items with the red * are required.


Step 2. Details Page:

Name, Adress info, etc...


Step 3. Shopping Cart Page:
Product Selection

What you order here will be shipped out today. If you want product fast, you will want to order something here. It is not required, it is up to you. This is your first normal Wholesale order at the wholesale rate, not the SPSS rate. For example the wholesale of 1 jar of YOUTH is $50.00 The retail is $70.00

Once you click next, you will then see the SPSS options page.

Step 4. Autoship:

This is the only time you will be able to turn on your SPSS is at the time of Sign-Up.

You then can select what SPSS items you want for your Autoship at the SPSS rate.

If you do not select anything from this SPSS page, you will not be able to add an SPSS at a later date.

Once you are in the SPSS program, you can change it to whatever you want to other SPSS options.

If you are not in the SPSS program at the time of enrollment, you will not be able to do that.

You SPSS order, is your Autoship, which will be shipped out 30 days later from the day you joined, because that is how an autoship works. Your first SPSS order (Autoship) will ship out 30 days after the day you join.

After you select what you want or not want from the SPSS page, you then press the Continue button.

Step 5. Summary:

This is where you double check our order.

The date when you autoship will process will show here.

If you selected a QEB (Quality Enroller Bonus) option from Step 3, for example a  [QEB270] QEB $270 Package (6 Jars), please add a note of what items you would like for your QEB, for example, 2 jars of YOUTH, 2 jars of BRAIN, and 2 jars of ENERGY. If you do not specify what jars of product you want, by default your entire QEB order will be YOUTH.

Step 6. Payment:

Once you make your payment, you will receive a Welcome to CELLUVATION email immediately, if you do not receive it, please check your SPAM folder. If will have all of your account details in it.


Subscription Service
In order to continue to earn your commissions, you must purchase for your own use, or sell retail at least 35 PV of our amazing products each month.
We all know subscription based companies have taken the world by storm lately, so we offer a convenient subscription service to ensure you stay qualified and never run out of products.
You can get unheard of discounts on our products by setting yourself up a subscription of the products you love to be sent every month ensuring you never run out of your favorites!
Super Preferred Subscription Service (SPSS)
Elect to add a subscription at the time you join, you can access never to be seen again special low prices.
Don’t worry, should you decide you don’t want to be on your subscription after using your initial products, you can cancel it anytime up to the day it is to be shipped!
You will NEVER be able to get back the ultra low one time offered Super Preferred Subscription pricing.
You will be able to get our normal Subscription pricing should you decide to set up a subscription again later.
Super Preferred Subscription Service 1 Jar (only at signup)
$42.50 (Normal Subscription Wholesale $50)(15% Off Wholesale Price)(35 Points)
Super Preferred Subscription Service 3 Jars (only at signup)
$97.50 (That is $32.50 per Jar)(35% Off Wholesale Price)(50 Points)
Super Preferred Subscription Service 6 Jars (only at signup)
$180.00 (That is $30.00 per Jar)(40% Off Wholesale Price)(75 Points)

GELs Super Preferred Subscription Service

Super Preferred Subscription Service 1 Tube of Nᵒ1 Body Gel and 2 Jars of YOUTH (only at signup) $185.00

Super Preferred Subscription Service 1 Tube of Nᵒ2 Face Gel and 2 Jars of YOUTH (only at signup) $185.00

Super Preferred Subscription Service 1 Tube of Nᵒ3 Renu Gel and 2 Jars of YOUTH (only at signup) $185.00

Super Preferred Subscription Service 2 Tubes of Nᵒ1 Body Gel (only at signup) $250.00

Super Preferred Subscription Service 2 Tubes of Nᵒ2 Face Gel (only at signup) $250.00

Super Preferred Subscription Service 2 Tubes of Nᵒ3 Renu Gel (only at signup) $250.00

​There are several different options on the SPSS packages. So you can mix and match, for example you can select the package that includes 3 Jars of YOUTH and 3 Jars of BRAIN. In case there is not a package you see with a combination that you like, please send in a support ticket and we will create a package combination for you. Also, you can change from month to month what items you would like in your SPSS. However, you will not be able to access that from your back office. You will have to send in a support ticket to make the change. You can only make changes to your SPSS, if you signed up for it at the time of your signup. Distributors are not able to add the SPSS after they have already signed up.
To make requests to packages, changes, etc. Please click on the Support link at the top of this page and submit a support ticket.
All changes to your SPSS must be submitted via the Support Ticket System from the Support link at the top of the website. You MUST enter in your Name, Username, and email, and what your would like changed in your SPSS. All changes, etc... MUST be submitted through the Support Ticket System. You will receive a reply message to your back office account and also to your email. Please DO NOT reply with another change request from your personal email account. You MUST SUBMIT A NEW SUPPORT TICKET. If you reply from your personal email, the change will not happen.
You must submit your request seven (7) days, before your SPSS date is set to processes. You can see your SPSS processing date in your back office. In most cases your date is the same day your joined. All, requests, that come in after your cut off time of seven (7) days, will be applied to the following month.
Requests to make changes to your SPSS via email, phone, etc. will not work, your request must be subimtted via Support Ticket with your Username.
Please let us know which option you would like for the SPSS, either the 1 Jar, 3 Jars, or 6 Jars. Also, please let us know what combination you would like, for example if you want the 6 Jars, please let us know what you would like, for example, 3 Jars of YOUTH, 1 Jar of BRAIN, and 1 Jar of ENERGY, etc...


Members are not able to make changes to their SPSS program from their back office. All requests, changes, etc. must be submitted via the Support Ticket System with your Name, Username, and Email.


You are able to turn off your SPSS at any time from your Back Office. Please note that if you do decide to turn off your SPSS, we cannot turn it back on for you. However, you can still purchase the product at the wholesale price of $50.00 a jar.


You do have the ability to add/remove/make changes to the normal Subscription Service from your Back Office. The normal Subscription Service is at the wholesale price of $50.00 a jar.


You will want to make sure your SPSS is turned on. If it is on, you should see it in your Autoship link. The item you requested should be there and the day of the month it is set to processes on.


This is the SPSS Program, meaning the maximum amount of jars you can receive in the program per month is 6 Jars at the $30 per Jar. All items that processes once a month in your SPSS get ship to one address once a month. You can always elect to processes your SPSS earlier in the month if you run out of product. However, if you did not request to process your SPSS earlier in the month it will process on the day of the month you joined or the date of the month you selected it to process on. If you need to order more product in addition to the max. amount of 6 Jars in the SPSS, you have two choices, to either purchase it at the wholesale price of $50, or purchase a QEB Package.


You can change the items from month to month that you want in your SPSS. However, make sure you do that BEFORE seven days of the date your SPSS processing date.


You can cancel your SPSS at anytime. Once you do cancel it, you can never re-active your SPSS. However, you can add on the normal Subscription Service of product at $50 a Jar at anytime.


If you do cancel your SPSS at any time, even for a one month period, you are not able to re-active your SPSS.