Protocol on How to Take Celluvation Products 01/31/2020


The Crystals, Gels and Coffee products are sensitive to radiation fields. Make sure to keep the Gel in the anti-static bag as radiation from cell phones and other sources can affect the frequencies in the products. The frequencies in the Crystals and Coffee are not as easily affected by radiation but it is recommended that they be kept away from radiation sources.


The Celluvation products are believed to help a person in their quest for achieving their ideal weight and health.


Please take a before picture of your face as results can happen quickly. Also, measure your hips and waist, as people reported that by using these products, the products greatly assist them in their weight management goals. However, increase in muscle mass may result in weight gain but inch loss.


Below are instructions on how to take the products:


Crystals Protocol

Mix one level scoop of the Crystals in 8 ounces of warm or hot water (do not microwave the water). Drink the tea within 10-15 minutes on an empty stomach and wait at least 15 minutes after finishing drinking the tea before eating.

Some people may experience detoxification such as a headache or an upset stomach within the first few days of taking the Crystals. If this occurs, reduce the amount of Crystals taken by at least half for the next few days until the detoxification is completed. Then, keep increasing the amount of Crystals until 1 scoop per serving is achieved without detoxification.


Directions on when to take the Crystals varies. See below:


Youth Crystals

Youth Crystals should be taken early in the morning. After 3 days with no detoxification, one can take the Youth Crystals before bedtime. It is a personal preference on whether one takes the Youth Crystals in the morning or before bedtime. One can experiment with this and see which produces a better sleep.


Energy Crystals

Take 1 scoop anytime during the day. If it effects sleep take earlier in the day.


Brain Crystals

Take 1 scoop anytime during the day. If it effects sleep take earlier in the day.


Gel Protocol

Keep Gels in an anti-static bag at all times. The gels are not transdermal. If washed off or sweated off, you will need to reapply.


When to take the Gels  

All 4 Gels are taken in the morning and before bed except for women using Gel No. 4 (Dulciss), which is used once every other night. Application amount is approximately a minimum of ¼ teaspoon (3 peas).


Where to apply each Gel


Gel No. 1 (Body)

Apply to the face, throat and back of neck. Also, one can at any time apply the Gel anywhere on the body where there is discomfort.


Gel No. 2 (CHG)

Apply to the face, throat and back of neck.


Gel No. 3 (Orno)

Apply to any area of the body where rejuvenation is needed.


Gel No. 4 (Dulciss)

If planning to start taking the Youth Crystals and Gel No 4 at the same time, it might be advisable to wait 3 days before starting to use Gel No. 4. This gel may start to help to burn fat, where toxins are stored. So, after day 3, with no detoxification being present, then one can start using Gel No 4.

Gel is to be applied on each forearm and each thigh. Apply on each forearm, from the wrist crease to the inside elbow crease. Apply on each inner thigh from the knee to the groin area.

Reminder: Men should apply it morning and night. Women should apply it every second night.


Coffee Protocol

Take ½ heaping tablespoon of Celluvation Coffee beans (more or less to taste), then grind the coffee with an electric grinder and use 16 ounces of boiling water in a French Press to create fresh-brewed coffee. For better results, take 1 tablespoon of organic MCT Oil and 1 tablespoon of organic grass-fed unsalted butter and blend them with the 16 ounces of coffee with a hand-held electric blender. Drinking this blend of Coffee is best in the morning on an empty stomach. This Coffee is designed to help you attain your ideal weight.


Link to Download a Copy of the Protocol:


Protocol Word 2020-02-01


Protocol PDF 2020-02-01


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Here is what 1 gram in a scoop looks like. It is approx 8/10ths of 1 scoop