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Bitcoin Info - You can purchase product and sign-up with Bitcoin on your initial purchase. You can also log into your account and purchase more product at anytime with Bitcoin. However, your autoship cannot process on Bitcoin. If you do a sign-up using Bitcoin, that will work. Once, you are finished doing your sign-up and you did select to turn on your autoship or SPSS (Super Preferred Subscription Service), once you are completly finished and have fully paid in Bitcoin, you will need to log into your account and go to payment types and add a credit card. Autoship / SPSS can only process on credit cards. If you did select to turn your Autoship / SPSS on and you do not add a credit card, your autoship will not processes. There is a work around way, if you would like to have your Autoship / SPSS process with Bitcoin. You would need to go out on your own and find a Bitcon credit/debit card company, where you can use Bitcoin like a credit card. You will want to make sure and verify the Bitcoin credit card you get works just like a normal credit card, if it does not, it will not work.