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It has always been a passion of mine to find interesting, high-quality, exotic products. I have spent years traveling the world, exploring and searching for the best and most unique ingredients to source to create this revolutionary, quantum biological, wave-frequency product! In all these years of exploration, I have had the good fortune to meet a number of specialists from many different fields, including health, nutrition, chemistry, physics, and computer science. After assimilating my findings, I realized the only path that could manifest what I truly wanted…was to create Celluvation! I was not able to find a company offering the kind of products I was looking for… So, I took matters into my own hands and went forward to develop a supplement which performs as I desire… and is a new revolutionary category creator, Celluvation, a true first-of-its-kind new unique product! We are all in this together! My hope is that Celluvation will create life-long pathways to feeling good for everyone who chooses to join the team!

Jos Daniel

Jos Daniel Bio

Although Jos Daniel received a BA in Business Management from St. Francis University, it was his education in Computer Systems Design and his years of applying that knowledge to problems in the entertainment industry that contributed the most to his visionary development of Celluvation and a line of products so unique as to defy typical categorization.

Creative and Innovative

Jos’s mother was an artist who raised him in a creative environment that led him to appreciate creative approaches to solving practical problems. He carried that enthusiasm into his post-graduate work at the Kodak Center for Creative Imaging, as they developed new approaches to digital image processing—essentially expanding ways to receive and store data. Among other things, these approaches led to computer-generated imagery, or CGI.

Kodak to Hollywood

The Kodak Center was working hand-in-glove with the new animation and design studios of Hollywood, where CGI was playing an increasingly essential role in everything from animated feature films to special effects. Jos knew that he had to be part of this rapidly developing field—at the intersection between art and science—and spent the next 10 years working in Hollywood.

This was an incredibly creative and productive period for Jos. He worked on creative engineering teams at the world’s largest and most forward thinking production houses, while continually expanding his understanding of science and technology. At MGM, he created the DVD Division’s first animated opening sequence, and experimented with Dolby Digital 5.1 to help audio catch up with video.

As a computer animator, Jos used algorithms to generate special effects. The main work flow was to create many different assets that could be used for a film, such as weather, actors, background, etc. Sometimes he started with images that were generated by 3D scanning of people, existing objects, or custom-built models. Often, the programs required to achieve the desired effect didn’t exist yet, so Jos had to write them.

After MGM, Jos became an independent consultant for Silicon Valley, working with Discreet Logic to test emerging software products and traveling around the world as their “onsite expert” in program operation.

Bridging the creative world of Hollywood with the science and technology world of Silicon Valley is what introduced Jos to “compositing,” a process whereby many layers of film are digitally assembled and maneuvered to produce almost any desired result. It’s as much art as it is science.

Jos Daniel - Advanced Water Formulator

As one of the first computer animators in Hollywood, the hours were long and the work was draining. Coffee and energy drinks were an imperfect solution, so Jos started researching natural herbs and botanicals. Fascinated, he went to the Philippines and Hong Kong to study them in their native environment. He ended up spending three years in Southeast Asia, where he created early working versions of Celluvation.

He perceived things from the frame of information science: information could be moved around and re-purposed for different needs. For example, the same computer algorithm could be used for a weather pattern, a flock of birds, a crowd of people, etc. Jos wanted to program water to give people the energy they need.

Jos selected a variety of plants and other nutritional ingredients. He started with just rooibos ad baobab, and then added Amino Acids, glutathione, vitamin C, hydrogen, and collagen. All of the ingredients were layered, or composited onto the plant base in the same way that a layer of film is composted. Today the result is Celluvation!

Product Development

During Jos’ time in Southeast Asia, the Japanese water craze was beginning. He became really fascinated by it all, since water is the key for life. Jos also met some early pioneers in alkaline water technology, who introduced him to the idea that water has tremendous amounts of potential with energy.

So Jos started applying the ideas of computer science to water to see if it could be programmed to give him more energy. They end result was it could! He was so excited by this new discovery that he kept evolving and studying water more and more. He said goodbye to unhealthy coffee and energy drinks, and hello to customized, programmed water! His curiosity, extensive research, and creative instincts led Jos to develop his proprietary protocol on water, and produce one of the first information products of its kind.


In Asia, Jos learned how to view health from an allopathic, homeopathic, and energetic perspective, and was taught about the many different effects of health supplements on the body. He found that different cultures labelled things in different ways, and learned to look at energy systems in the body as part of an interconnected, energetic, living ecosystem—instead of a Newtonian machine. Everything is interconnected and the glue that holds it all together is energy—which is called “Chi” in Chinese, “Prana” in Sanskrit, and other names in other cultures. Acupuncture, herbal supplements, and other traditional remedies can target this energy.

Once he understood these traditional ways of interpreting energy in the body, Jos added his own unique perspective. Rather than viewing the body’s energy from a chemical/medical perspective, he looked at it all from the frame of information science. Ultimately, it is all information just being moved around and re-purposed for different needs.


In Chinese medicine, adaptogens are natural herbs—such as ginseng—that exert a normalizing effect on the body and help it adapt to stress. They have the ability to regulate someone’s system up or down, depending on his or her needs at the moment. An adaptogen can also assist different people with different needs, due to it ability to adapt.

With his background as a computer animator, this adaptability made sense to Jos. When he was creating software code, it could be applied to a variety of different needs in a film. For example, the same algorithm could be used to generate and animate a weather pattern, a flock of birds, or a crowd of people. The goal was often to mimic what was going on in nature and create energetic, adaptogenic programs. Jos was excited to explore the world of natural adaptogens.

Data and Soil

While in Asia, Jos came a across a very advanced medical diagnostic laser tool. It was able to point a beam of laser light at someone and then read the information back. In a way it worked like a sonar laser: when the light bounced back, the computer could produce an advanced diagnosis of the patient’s health issues.

Jos brought in some test subjects to evaluate the laser, and found it to be very accurate. When he saw the device in action, he thought of the computer model of data in and data out. While the laser device could read memory data in, it could not read data out. He thought that this was an obvious missing piece. If it can read data, technology should be able to write data out. That is what started the whole idea of Celluvation!

Jos just needed a medium to carry the message, which is where the crystalline base nutraceutical formula comes in. When formulating a normal health product, most formulators start by selecting exotic nutritional plants. Jos did this process backwards. Rather than looking at the finished plants, he went back to the dirt. He started by identifying great soil that would provide a strong foundation for the correct plants to grow, so that they would provide a good crystalline structure. The goal of this process was to have a good hard drive to store data on. Frequencies resonate better on different substrates.

After studying the soil in many parts of the world, Jos found that the soil in Africa would be really good for what he was trying to do. The next step was to find plants that grew there, and develop a combination that would have excellent health benefits.

After exhaustive research, Jos came up with rooibos and baobab. He liked this combination very much because of how the two ingredients completed each other energetically and could store frequency very well. He was shocked to discover that no one had ever mixed these two plants in a product. Now he had a water soluble, plant-based medium to store data on.

Celluvation Crystals

The first version of the product was just rooibos and baobab. He then added the frequencies of 191 Amino Acids, glutathione, vitamin C, hydrogen, and collagen. All of the ingredients where layered, or composited onto the plant base in the same way that a layer of film is composted. He then gave the product to a doctor who had a great deal of experience in collagen products, 191 Amino Acids, etc. After 45 days, she said that her results were beyond amazing. Jos’ product seemed to be working better than 191 Amino Acids, which are far more expensive and complicated to deal with!

The formula was refined, improved and enhanced to what the YOUTH product is today! The early first versions of the product used water as the storage medium. People where getting great results with the water, but it was complicated to make and expensive to ship. Eventually, Jos found a way to make a concentrate that could be mixed with water.

His final ingredients were: organic rooibos and baobab fruit, silica from bamboo and horsetail extract, pink ancient sea salt, L-lysine, L-proline, organic acerola cherry, and ascorbic acid, along with the frequencies of 191 Amino Acids, glutathione, vitamin C, hydrogen, and collagen. When a gram of crystal concentrate is added to 8 oz of water, the product activates, imbibing the water with vibrational frequency codes!


This product uses three different fields of science to make it work: chemistry, physics, and computer science. Celluvation actually has more in common with a software company than a nutraceutical company. Obviously, many people ask what makes Celluvation work, and are expecting a chemistry answer. What really makes the product work is physics and computer science!

No one ever thought they could drink computer code to generate results, but all the body really wants is information. It’s like when Steve Jobs announced the first iPod—a small, convenient device that holds digital information for 1,000 to 2,000 songs—which was much better than carrying around a hundred CDs! The crystalline food based structure has many tracks—or frequencies—of information stored on them. You can easily carry a small, lightweight jar anywhere. When you need a dose of energy, just mix one gram of crystals with 8 oz of water and enjoy as a tea. The best results are achieved on an empty stomach.

Jos has doctors all over the world who love Celluvation and have been recommending it to their patients for over three years with great success. Initial testing by naturopathic doctors in America and Australia have indicated the following benefits:

Increased intracellular water concentrations—which is the water inside cells. Two-thirds (2/3) of the water in the body should be inside the cells, and one-third (1/3) should be outside the cells. These percentages are important because when too much of the body’s water is outside the cells, body function deteriorates and disease pathologies start to occur.

Because Celluvation Crystals increase the percentage of water inside the cells, our cells work better and our metabolism speeds up.

The liver works better because of the frequency of glutathione in the crystals. Since the liver is a key organ for good health, all organ systems operate better.

The hydrogen frequency in the Youth Crystals activates the NRF2 pathway, which is located in every one of the trillions of cells in your body. The NRF2 pathway activates our genome’s anti-fibrotic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant genes. The NRF2 pathway also activates the cell’s most powerful anti-oxidant—glutathione. Consider that one vitamin C molecule can handle one free radical—which could otherwise damage the cell. A single glutathione molecule can handle one million free radicals. Damage from free radicals and inflammation are the cause of major human diseases including heart disease, diabetes, rheumatism, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.


Everyone wants to feel good and look good. Celluvation offers all-natural, revolutionary projects that help you do exactly that!

YOUTH is the main product. It gives your body the components it needs to build its own collagen and elastin, which helps your body as it gets older. YOUTH also helps with energy, calming, and sleep.

BRAIN helps balance stress. BRAIN is geared towards learning, memory, recall, and focus.


Celluvation projects are digitally imprinted with the frequency of hydrogen. From a chemical perspective, hydrogen is very difficult to deliver into the body. So the founder of Celluvation came up with a way to deliver the frequency of hydrogen that is digital and effective.

Hydrogen is the key to our powerful anti-aging supplements, which assist the body in reversing the ravages of time. Hydrogen is known to have many powerful antioxidant properties, which is why Celluvation users have noticed a healthier glow, firmer skin, reduction of wrinkles, and shinier, thicker hair—which can be the result of an increase of collagen and elastin within the body.

Our products are made with baobab fruit and nuts, and rooibos tea from the ancient, mineral-rich soil of South Africa! These ingredients have been used for centuries by the indigenous people there. The other ingredients include organic acerola cherry, organic silica from bamboo, silica from organic horsetail extract, equisetum arvense plant, L-proline, L-lysine HCL, glycine, ascorbic acid, and ancient sea salt.

Celluvation products hydrate and rejuvenate the body from the inside out! Moreover, the remarkable, infused technology in our unique blend of crystals can conveniently be taken everywhere. Just add a gram of crystal concentrate to 8 oz of water, to imbibe the water with vibrational frequency codes! Water is an excellent conduit to carry multiple levels of information to the human body, which is made up of 65% water, and our cells will readily accept this quantum biological wave-force digital frequency (aka information).

Jos Daniel and Celluvation

As a computer animator, Jos Daniel used computer algorithms to generate special effects. He started by taking things in the real world, turning them digital, and combining all the desired layers together through “composting.” This allowed Hollywood studios to efficiently get the effect they wanted. Moreover, the same algorithm could be used for different effects—a weather pattern, a flock of birds, a crowd of people, etc. Jos applied the same thinking as he developed Celluvation products!

Celluvation uses technology that allows mineral crystals to hold frequencies that help the body rehydrate its cells. Celluvation crystal powders are formulated for specific needs—YOUTH, ENERGY, BRAIN, and BEAUTY—with KETO crystals coming soon! The crystals also adapt to each individual’s specific needs at the moment.

Do you want to slow down the aging process, maintain a youthful appearance, and decrease inflammation? Do you want to do this with an easy-to-use, all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO supplement that doesn't cost a fortune? Try Celluvation!

Jos has created products, built multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, and continues his pursuit of the best delivery method to support people from the inside out. Below is a reference from Celluvation's strategic partner Dennis Wilson, founder of Internet NextStep, who worked with Jos on one of his previous MLM companies.

"Jos has a proven track record in getting a network marketing company growing quickly and strongly. Couple that with the outstanding product knowledge and formulations he possesses, with the right management team and partners, he could build a company that is unstoppable! As software providers, we see all types of dreamers and doers come and go. Jos falls firmly under the DOER category. Earnings of under $10,000 a month for the first few months are very common in networking as the business is based on leverage and geometric growth by word-of-mouth. We have many corporate clients whose distributors stay under $10,000 a month almost forever, before giving up on their dreams as they never find a way to spark the network.

In the past, Jos has performed with stellar results, the slow growth to $10,000 happening within three months, then seeing monthly growth of 100%, and even higher, before running into some show-stopper business realities not related to his personal capabilities in the team building and sales areas. If Jos had had a proper management team behind him, my experience tells me that he would have easily hit $1,000,000 in monthly sales within 12 months of company inception. We have seen more than 375 MLM companies start on our platform, and Jos and his abilities are definitely in the top 10 of all our clients of ALL time in all countries.

We are excited he is coming back to the industry after regrouping and are proud to help him on his journey once again! Sincerely, Dennis Wilson”

Celluvation comprises a network of enthusiastic entrepreneurial distributors and strategic alliances. Our partners are the lifeblood of our vision. We will continually strive to attract and work with only partners who have the highest level of integrity, transparency, and stellar reputation. Celluvation's goal is to be a superior brand and a stellar MLM company that brings a new vision of health and well-being to the world. We are in the pre-launch phase of building our company and are seeking reliable and supportive alliances in the areas of management, operations, distributor training, and accounting.

We are super excited about what the future holds for us as a company!